June 24, 2009

Something new - wanna play?

Hi Friends! I've been thinking about starting something new on my blog. Each week, I plan to post a word to focus on for discussion or inspiration. It could be as simple as "sunshine" and "summer" or more thought-provoking like "politics". I thought it would be fun if you'd like to chime in as to what that word means to you. What thoughts it brings to mind for you, etc. And I'll of course give my thoughts on it as well. And if it inspires you to create with your stamps too, then even better! What do you think? I thought we could try it at least. I have a whole list of words I've been jotting down the last few weeks. So I'll be back later today with the first one, stay tuned!


Cookie said...

Great idea! Sounds like a great way to inspire some wonderful creations and thoughts!

~M!ssPr!ssy said...

I'll play