September 12, 2007

Back to Basics

Thought I'd share a story with you today! My son started Preschool yesterday (which he loved). The school he is attending requires parents to volunteer in the classroom four times. So yesterday was a volunteer day and one of my tasks was cutting out 5" circles - sixty of them! My first thought when I saw them was - "this is a perfect task for me" (being the crafty mom that I am). But then I thought - "HUH? You want these cut by HAND? With scissors? But I have the perfect tool for this at home!" (Where is my CM cutting system when I need it - lol?!) Luckily they had some decent adult-sized scissors and cutting through construction paper of course is *much* easier than cardstock, so I was able to cut five circles at a time which made the process go super fast. But it was kinda funny how my thinking went straight to the stamping method when the preschool method was actually faster. And while my circles weren't cut perfectly, they were good enough for three year olds! Now, what they are going to do with sixty red circles, I guess I'll have to wait and see!

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CraftyEngineer/TexasLonghorns said...

Oh Emily, I COMPLETELY understand. I've helped out here and there at my son's preschool... and ALWAYS thought, "can I take this home and do it?" One time a teacher asked me to freehand a tree the size of a door. WHAT? I can't stamp, Cricut, Cuttlebug, etc. that? I have to actually draw it? LOL.