July 08, 2007


From the June 27th "a-muse-letter" weekly email. Supplies and instructions are available --> here! I just received the latest "a-muse-letter" with a fabulous card by Julie and remembered I hadn't had a chance to post this yet for ya. Things are gonna be crazy this week! Many of you know that I've been posting away over on the A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA blog daily since May. Well A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA is finally here and we have even MORE fun planned on the AP blog: games, challenges, winners, and daily sneak peeks (including some designs by me)! It is gonna be a blast! I will also try to squeeze in a sneak peek here by a guest artist, A Muse instructor Tami Wood. Make sure to check out some of the other A Muse designers and instructors blogs this week too for even more sneak peeks and fun! Are you attending any of the A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA store events? Several of my designs are class cards or make & takes, so have fun!


Scoopy fan!! said...

Thanks for all your hard work Scoopy being the A Muse A*Palooza blog administrator and for posting all your fabulous cards. You are simply scoopalicious!! Right everyone??? Let's have a Scoopy stamp campaign!! We need an A Muse sentiment made in her honor with the sentiment I mentioned up above and Linda can label the stamp Scoopy!! Happy AP everyone. I can't believe its finally here!!

Cool swimmer card by the way Em!!


mj said...

Love this card ... very creative! Heading to Violetts ... my somewhat LSS today for the festivites! Have fun this week!

lexi said...

awesome card--it caught my eye in the newsletter since my girls are on a swim team. i need to get that swimmer!

thanks for all the scoop and fun on the a*muse*a*palooza website, too! i wish there were an event near me...

:) lexi

Anonymous said...

I love your cards, Scoopy. Your ideas are always so fresh and creative. I can't wait to see which card of Tami's you choose to showcase. I've taken many classes from Tami. She is so talented as a card designer and an instructor. It'll be a treat to see what she does with all those new A Muse stamps!
Carrie C.

Michelle said...

Thanks for all the fun over at A*MUSEA*PALOOZA. I am just trying to patiently wait until I can get to my LSS for the festivities on Saturday.

Kristina Lewis said...

I didn't know you designed this card-it is simply the BEST! Thanks for all you did for A Museapalooza!! I told Tami you said hello tonight. We are both Scoopy fans!