December 16, 2006

Blog Banner

Yay, my new blog banner is up! I just couldn't resist - especially now that I have a new laptop to play with!


Connie said...

Super Cool Banner!

diane said...

That is TOO CUTE! And it fits you perfectly, from what I have seen on your blog! I LOVE IT! Thanks for all the great things you post's so much fun to visit!

Dotty said...

Another fab creation ~ Love the new banner!! :)

asela said...

Ilove it!!! Fantastic banner

paige said...

love the new banner. I just replaced mine recently too, and it is fun for a 'face lift' every now and then!

Thanks for everything you do to inspire us!!

tw said...

Hey scoopy.
How cute and how you. Love your cute A Muse card of the week too.
You rock girl. Happy Holidays. Your A Muse fan in the midwest and we are SNOWless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your latest designs too.

Stamperosity said...

Love your cute and fits you so well!

Renee said...

Love it, love it, love it! Your blog looks great!

Also, I just saw your A*Muse card of the week. It's fabulous!! Love what you did with the penguins
Rubber Hugs,

Viv said...

I love your banner! It's perfect for your stamping style!