October 06, 2006

I've been tagged!

Jennifer Pebbles tagged me to share 5 weird things! So super fun - but please don't start sendin me chain letters k? ROTFL :-)

1. There was a time when I ordered a hamburger at Olive Garden.

2. I don't like touching raw meat (hubby tends to do the grilling because of that – such a good guy!).

3. I keep my stamping wishlist in an Excel file on my PC. I did this when I first started stamping because I kept changing my mind about what to order next. After rewriting my wishlist at least five times, I decided a spreadsheet was the way to go!

4. I am a bag lady - I love bags – and having a bag in a bag in a bag. For example – on any given trip, I might take a tote bag and inside that is my purse... inside my purse is at least one small bag and maybe even a ziploc bag.... you get the idea. I don't know how many bags I own – but if you count all my Longaberger baskets too, then it is way too many! LOL!

5. Until I was about 21, I figured out sale discounts in my head like this:
70% off = take half of the original price, then take 10% of the original price (easy – just move the decimal point) and multiply that times 2. That gave me 20% and 50%, so add those two together and that is 70%. So then subtract that from the original price and that is what I'd have to pay. Oh my - I finally realized that it was easier to figure 30% (10% times 3) and that's the price!

OK – now it's my turn to tag 5 friends, but instead I'm just gonna open this up to anyone who wants to share their 5 (or less) weird things too!


Anne Sanborn said...

I'm not quite sure if your five qualify you as weird. I knew I liked you... we have 4 and 5 in common! ;) I'm a LONGABERGER stalker and own way too many to count! Glad to see I'm in good company! :)

Anonymous said...

too funny - #2 is YUCK! to me too!! :) glad to know I have company being 'weird'!! :)

Diane said...

Awesome! I am a bag fanatic (you should see my Vera Bradley collection!) and a former Longaberger consultant (we won't go into how many baskets I have!!)I love containers of all sorts, and wish I could organize my house like my fantasy! You didn't really order a hamburger at Olive Garden did you??!! LOL I love your blog =)