April 07, 2011

Me in Kindergarten

When I was in Kindergarten, one of the parents came to our class and drew silhouettes of each child. We each sat in front of a white screen with a light shining just right to capture our silhouette. My mom has kept mine all this time and recently had it framed for me! I couldn't resist using it on a card after seeing all the silhouette images at the CHA show in January. It's too large to scan, so I took a photo of it and then pulled it into Photoshop Elements so that I could print it on cardstock. Kept the rest of the card simple with A Muse Studio damask shimmer paper and Nestabilities dies - plus a little white organdy ribbon for the final touch.

Sorry for the long blog break! It has been a busy first quarter! Good busy - birthdays, the launch of A Muse Studio, and spring break! Hope you are having a nice Spring!


Krystie Lee said...

Genius! My husband has one of these from his childhood, what a great idea!

Michellem said...

How cute! My mom has one of these too - I'll have to ask where she kept it. Congrats - I know you are busy with A Muse stuff!! The best kind of busy!!

Jamie A.R. Albanese said...

Love it! They still do the portraits at my school for our kids - it's great! I now have Sal's and Genevieves (her's isn't as good) lol... Love this!