August 11, 2010

August Calendar - take 1

Hi all! School started for my son this week, so I am getting caught up on things. I didn't get a chance to add comments on my August calendar post, but I actually have a funny story about it to share! When I was working on it initially, I mentioned to my son (he was five years old at the time) that I thought the flamingo should be pink. I got distracted by something, left the project out on my work table and went upstairs briefly. I returned to find that he had decided to handle the coloring for me! He said happily "look mom - I colored it pink for ya - I knew it was for your work, so I did a really good job!" And he did do a really good job - see:

This is the original version that he colored with his bright pink crayon (*smile*)! He is generally sloppy in his coloring because he gets bored and rushes through it, so just look how well he colored the skinny neck area! Since I needed to make two of the calendars, I colored the second one (which is the one you saw earlier this month). But his version is the one I kept for my copy of the calendar - such a special memory!


Cat said...

aw, how sweet! i love this version better too! ;)

Tina W. (TeaDub) said...

That's the best colored flamingo I've ever seen! This is a better version!

JulieHRR said...

Oh, EM!!! What a sweetheart!!! You will treasure that memory FOREVER!!! He done SUPER GOOD!!! Your story just melted my heart--I'll hafta tell you a story of about my son and stamping next week, if I haven't already . . . ;)