December 19, 2009

Tips for Mass Producing Cards

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season! This is the design I created for our Christmas cards this year. My hubby loves this card, so it was an easy decision! I came up with a way to help me easily, quickly, and precisely mass produce it using my stamp positioner. Sooo - my gift to you - I made a quick unscripted video today in hopes that it might help you speed along your holiday cards if you are still working on them!

YouTube Link: Mass Producing Cards using a Stamp Positioner

By adhering some corner "grooves" onto some cardstock, I was able to put the stamp positioner in the same spot everytime I switched to a new white layer. One thing I didn't mention in the video is that if you want to do the same thing for the sentiment on your card - or any other stamped images, you'll need to make a new "groove sheet" for each image - so that the chipboard pieces don't conflict with each other. So for my card design in the video, I had two sheets - one that I setup for the truck and one that I setup for the sentiment. So I cut all my white cardstock layers and stacked them near my work area, stamped all the trucks first, then switched to the other sheet and stamped all the words. Hope this helps! (Be sure to watch my other video "how to use a stamp positioner" first if you've never used one.) Happy Holidays!
Images, black dye ink, stamp positioner, and notecards by A Muse. Memento Paris Dusk ink, Copic markers, 2-way glue pen, Art Glitter. Other items used in the video: Mono Aqua liquid glue, chipboard, cardstock, scissors.

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