February 25, 2009

We interrupt this program...

No guesses, huh? In case you missed my last post, I mentioned that I had some different crafty stuff to share. It's always refreshing and fun to learn something new and the beginning of the year is usually when I tend to give things a try. Last year, I experimented with gupit-gupit and also rhinestone setting (which I don't think I ever shared here). This year is no exception and my family got me some fun crafty tools for Christmas. So I've been dabbling.... learning and experimenting as I get the chance. So with that, we interrupt this program to bring you some felting fun!
This past fall I discovered the world of Needlefelting. There's a whole story as to how needlefelting grabbed my attention, but I'm gonna try to keep this brief-ish for ya. I've always thought felt was a fun material to work with since it doesn't fray when cut. My family got me a few things that I needed to get started. My first project was... well, let's just say I'm not gonna post that one. Then I went to CHA and made this fun felted flower at a make & take by Stef - who is the author of "Sweater Surgery". I didn't pay much attention to the flower die we used in the Big Shot and now of course I reaaaally want it. So any Sizzix experts out there - do you know what die this is? I'm guessing it isn't released yet because I can't seem to find anything quite like it. On Stef's blog, she called it the "triple flower die cut".... I've found a few dies that are close, but they cut a hole in the center of the flower layers and these don't have holes.

So that exposed me to another type of felting - using old wool sweaters and turning them into felt by washing them in hot water so they felt and shrink! How cool to have lots of wonderful wool felt in so many colors just waiting to be repurposed from thrift store sweaters! Here are a few more things I've made - using a few different felting techniques - felted wool sweaters, needlefelting, and also wet-felting.
These are wet-felted and needlefelted balls - which I learned about from the gal on the Crunchy Parent blog:

Then I discovered Betz White's book "Warm Fuzzies" and made a few of the projects from her book. Felted sweater cupcake pincushion:

I took that a step further and decided to make a short version of the cupcake - so it would be a cinnamon roll! (The dark brown layer is cashmere - lovely but sooo hard to make the first cut!)

This sweet birdie - a pattern also from Betz's book:

And of course I *had* to incorporate the felt with some stamping, so last but not least - here is a card too! The heart was made from an old red wool sweater which I washed in hot water so it would felt (if you decide to try this, be sure to put the sweater in an old pillowcase so you don't get as much fuzz in your washer). Then I cut it with a Cuttlebug heart die (yes, you can cut felt with your Cuttlebug!)

Whew - thanks for hanging in here with me to the end of this loooong post! Hope you found this entertaining! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming - LOL! Although, I'll admit - working with wool felt is a bit addicting! Anyone else done any felting? I'd love to know if you've tried any of this too or have any tips to share. Oh and be sure to let me know if you have any info about that Sizzix die cut - thanks so much!
Knit Happens card details: Images and red twinkle sticker by A Muse. Kraft and natural cardstock, Adirondack Espresso ink, Marvy yellow oval punch, Cuttlebug heart die, red wool thrift store sweater - felted, glue dot, liquid applique, Copic markers in shadow pink and raw silk.

Felting resource links:
Sweater Surgery book by Stefanie Girard
Sweater Surgery blog
Crunchy Parent - video tutorial for felted wool balls
Warm Fuzzies book by Betz White
Betz White's website
Sweet Needle Felts by Jenn Docherty
Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath


Lueyes said...

I really enjoyed this post. I just discovered the book
"Warm Fuzzies" because I saw the teacups on a blog. I collect teapots and tea related items so I can hardly wait to get the book and make some teacups and cupcakes. The other felted items look interesting also and the nice thing about it is that one is recycling.

Tisha said...

Super cute stuff, Emily!! I've done some knitting and felting - you make a monster sized bag then wash it to shrink it, but I am intrigued by using sweaters. I've seen some cute purses made out of old sweaters! Way to tackle a new craft!! What great results!

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Emily!! You should "interupt this program" more often if you've got cuties like THESE to share!! Adorable, every one!

Elena said...

I am absolutely intrigued by felting! I saw Betz White on Martha Stewart's show a long time ago making those cute cupcakes and would love to try it. I need to get to a thrift store and hunt for some wool sweaters. Wonderful job, Emily!

Joyce said...

Wow, Emily, your creations are awesome! Kayla's swim coach knits and she makes purses by knitting with wool and then shrinking it to "felt it" and then makes them into handbags that are super cute! Thanks for sharing your cute stuff!

Rhonda said...

OH MY GOSH!!! These are the most adorable projects!!! You are such an enabler! I want to make them all too!! Now I gotta look up these projects and try them out!!

What do you do with the balls??? :D They're super cute, just not sure what you'd do with them?

Krystie Lee said...

Look at those cupcakes! UN-believable!

I've been seeing a lot of needlefelting around lately. I still really need to learn how to knit. I'll probably learn just as everyone is is over it and moving on. I'm always late on the trends.

Love the projects and the card, adorable! :)

scoopy (Emily) said...

Thanks! It's so fun to hear about your felting projects! Rhonda - some ideas for the felt balls: string them together to make a garland or necklace, or put a string on a larger one for a Christmas ornament. I've also seen the small ones used as fun baubles on a purse (and I used one for the cherry on top of the cupcake). I've had this purse bookmarked for a while - I totally want to make it:

Novell said...

Oh lordy! I love all your little projects!!!

june said...

beautiful projects, i got into felting a few years back. it's very stress relieving, especially when you're poking that needle up and down. haha:) maybe we'll have to a felting challenge. here's a site i like. http://decadentfibers.com/

Glenda said...

Great job Emily... so creative and fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

sherryc said...

I've made the felted purses from sweaters for years now, and sell at local craft show, and this year I kept one for myself and made a hat to match! Felting is Fun! I dry embossed a snow man and tied on a felted scarf to help use up my scraps.

Dawn said...

This looks like so much fun! You really did a great job!

Beth Thomas said...

These are wonderful! I have so... been wanting to try some felting. I gaze at the supplies at my local Hobby Lobby but turn and walk away- I'm afraid of a new addiction!

JulieHRR said...

OMG! I've been so buried that I have missed out on GOBS--I LOVE YOUR FELTIES!!! SO CUTE!!! ............THUD!!!