December 06, 2008

VMAA cards - stay tuned!

Just poppin' in to let you know that I have two cards to post for the VMAA challenges over on amuseaddicts. The theme was "It's a Wonderful Life" and the challenges were:

Challenge 1: A Christmas Story - Make a holiday card for a child
Challenge 2: The Polar Express - Create a wintery card using blues, white, and glitter
Challenge 3: Scrooged - Make a holiday card with staples on it
Challenge 4: Home Alone - Make a card that reminds you of your holidays as a kid
Bonus Challenge: Create a card based on your favorite holiday movie

I got started kinda late, so I decided to just pick one challenge. Looked them over and wanted to do the Polar Express challenge, but just could not get this card out of my head that I made a while back. So I opted for Challenge 3 and then I evolved that design and did Challenge 4. So check back tomorrow and I'll try to get 'em posted for ya! Hope you got a chance to play too!

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~me said...

omg now that card is cute. (the one with the train). I need to make it. Hi