May 19, 2008

Balloon Pups!

Something a little different today! My hubby thought learning to make balloon animals would be a fun hobby, so we picked up a kit for him at the bookstore. We both figured it out pretty quickly and made these pups! It wasn't long before we were making hats, swords, and swans too! I can hear him downstairs right now twisting balloons - can't wait to see what he created! It's really not difficult with the right supplies and instructions (and some practice). Ya just have to be willing to break a few (make sure to remove your rings first - yup, I learned that the hard way - lol! Balloons sure are LOUD when they pop!). And no, I won't be booking any birthday party gigs anytime soon - although the thought did cross my mind - lol!
I have some new cards to share soon too, so stay tuned for those!


Katie said...

What a fun hobby to learn!

Your puppies are adorable! :)

Tami said...

you are so cute Emily! I used to love making these too for little kids.