June 07, 2007

Fun Stuff!

There is so much fun going on over at the A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA blog! Challenge 6 is heating up and yesterday we posted info about Julie's classes and a sneak peek coming tomorrow (Friday)! You don't want to miss it because it is awesome!
Congrats to everyone who guessed me or Heidi in Round 2 of Secret Squares! I had no idea I was holding the prize until last night! If you guessed right, hurry and enter your guess for Round 3 because it ends Friday night! Fun, fun, fun! And did you see that you can now order your own A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA t-shirt?! What color are you getting? Mine is green!

Stay tuned, I have a letter "Y" card to post for you today!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I got the green also. Thanks for the heads up info on the tshirts, hope delivery isn't too long. Thanks for all you are doing. I am loving your alphabet series, as a teacher I am getting some great ideas and working on alphabet set for next year.