February 23, 2007

Michael's - continued

Amazing what a sign will do... the new Michael's store was super busy today. So glad I got to see it all shiny and calm last night! All three Crop-a-diles that were hanging neatly on their rack last night were gone by the time I got there this morning. Can you believe I don't have one yet? I wasn't sure I was gonna get one anyway - might hold out for the celery (they had pink), but I thought it'd be a good use of a gift card and since I had a coupon... Ah well - next time! Now I can see how long it takes 'em to restock!


diane mcvey said...

Oh what fun! A brand new Michael's...so sorry the Cropadiles were gone...they ARE awesome...if for nothing else, they punch a perfect hole in ANYTHING!!! and setting eyelets is such a breeze...you MUST get one! :)

Kim Ross said...

Congratulations on your new Michael's! We just got an Archiver's here in Boise that opened this weekend, and we're totally psyched! :) Happy Shopping!