October 26, 2006

Patch in the Patch! (Take 2)

Decided to revise my "Patch in the Patch" card (see previous post) by changing the colors of the pumpkins. Orange is a color that "pops" and catches your eye. In the previous one, I used dark brown (fluid chalk) to stamp the pumpkins and then colored them with orange and a dark orange for depth. They really pop, so Patch gets a little lost because his color is lighter. In this version, I used a color that was a little less bold (burnt sienna) to stamp the pumpkins. Same orange marker, but then I used light grey to add depth and tone down the orange. Better, but because the pumpkins are orange, I think they are still contending a little with Patch for the front spot. What do you think - which one do you like better?


diane said...

OMG, you are such a perfectionist!! They are both TOO CUTE, but you did make improvements with the 2nd card...not that any of us would have noticed it wasn't already perfect!!! Both are great, you are just too talented! :)

tw said...

HI Scoopy.
Oh my God...I'm grinning from ear to ear. what a great find at 11 pm. You are so great. Thanks so so much. I needed a patch fix so bad.
Have a super weekend and thanks again for another great Patch card. This card makes me smile really BIG.

tw said...

hi again. i like take 2 best Patch and by the way, all your cards ROCK. I just looked at all your creations for the month and they are all so nice. You are the cardmaster Scoopy!!!!