September 19, 2006

Arrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day

So today be talk like a Pirate day. I didn't get a chance t' make a card, so here be one o' Frankie instead. I put an X in t' center o' each dot in t' aftground t' tie in with t' screw brads. Inside sentiment says "Sorry for the screw up!"

Check out this site t' translate yer words t' Pirate!


Shauna said...

Arrr, that be a cool card! Avast! (I wasn't meant to really talk like a pirate).

paige said...

Shiver me timbers, this is a great card!!

juliehrr said...

I think Frankie be mighty fearsome himself! Love the polka dotted background you made for him!

jenn said...

soooooo cute :)
love the new pic too :)