July 30, 2006


Just a quick thank-you to all of my blog readers - I love reading your comments and look forward to hearing from more of you!

I also need to give thanks to Julie, Linda, Shauna, Sarah, Heather, Lisa, Jenn, Jennifer, Lyndsay, and all the other A Muse fans/designers/instructors out there! You are all so talented and inspirational. I love your work and have learned so much from you. I find myself wondering when I am designing a card that I think is my own... "did I come up with this or did I see something similar two months ago online?" Of course, then I have to double check your fabulous galleries because I don't want to inadvertently copy something!

Thank-you too goes to my wonderful Stampin' Up demonstrator friends - I learn something new every time we stamp together!


caroline said...

you have such cute ideas! i love looking at your stuff!

Dotty said...

I always look forward to visiting your blog and of course seeing your latest creations! Thanks for sharing your talents with us :)

paige said...

Gosh, I could copy the first three sentences in your second paragraph in this blog post, add your name to the list of nifty women, and post it on my blog.

Thank YOU for being one of those "go-to" women on the web for me!

Lyndsay said...

Aww. I feel like I'm not worthy of being part of that list of such talented ladies!

YOU, my dear, are one of my favorite new blogs to check in on. You have such fabulous ideas!

jenn said...

awww thanks :) your cards are fabulous!!!!