July 27, 2006

Hot Dog

Recently I've challenged myself to find different ways of using the same few stamps. If you read Take Ten magazine, this is like their "a different point of view". So here is another one in the Patch series! Had to put him in the pool... my dog won't get near one. More masking and stardust pen for *shimmer*. Hand-lettered sentiment inside says "hot dog".


Asela said...

I'm loving your puppy series of cards...Too cute!!!

Dotty said...

OMG!! you are just killing me with these Patch cards, I am loving every single one of them! So cute and creative :). I have ordered Patch, the dog house, pool, and a handful of others because of you, so many thanks! Please keep them coming.

Tracy said...

This card makes me chuckle because my dog is always jumping the kids blow up pool. I think that's why they never last too long :)